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Haven Orthopedics & Spine Institute provides expert orthopedic care, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of joint and spine conditions. Patients receive a comprehensive approach that starts with a thorough evaluation, including a detailed medical history, physical examination, and necessary imaging like X-rays. The Institute stands out for its commitment to pain management using minimally invasive procedures over heavy reliance on pain medication, focusing on treatments like facet injections, epidural injections, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, and Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) to alleviate pain and promote healing. Additionally, Haven Orthopedics offers specialized surgeries for extremity issues, employing advanced arthroscopic techniques to address shoulder, knee, wrist, and ankle problems, ensuring patients return to their active lifestyles with optimal outcomes.

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Minimally Invasive Orthopedics

Advanced Pain Management

Regenerative Medicine Expertise

Extremity Surgical Care

Comprehensive Spine Treatments

Haven Orthopedics & Spine Institute - Riverside

3550 Vine St, Riverside, CA 92507 - Suite 100

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Our Southern and Northern CA doctors offer a very effective approach assuring the very best in medical care with personal, prompt attention.

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