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The Largest Medical Network On Liens In California

Injury Institute is a Network of highly skilled Physicians, Surgeons, Chiropractors and other Health Care Professionals who work “on-lien basis” providing the very best in personal injury and work injury care.

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The Largest Medical Network On Liens

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Personal Injury Treatment in California

Injury Institute is a Network of Highly Experienced Health Professionals Representing The Best in Personal Injury Care.


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Meet Our Physicians from

America's Top 10 Medical Schools

Our platform, is proud to be associated with doctors who have graduated from the ten most prestigious medical schools in the United States. Our elite roster of physicians represents the pinnacle of American medical education, bringing their exceptional skills and knowledge to your service.

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Streamlined Scheduling with Our Concierge Medical Network on Liens

If you experience any difficulties connecting with the members of our network, please allow us to help you. We know how difficult it can be and we will make every effort to have the clinics connect with you and your client to schedule a priority appointment.

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Discover the Top Facilities of the Month

Embark on a virtual tour of excellence in healthcare as we showcase the 'Medical Top Facilities of the Month'. These standout establishments have demonstrated superior performance, exceptional patient care, and innovative medical practices. Experience the pinnacle of medical facilities that are not just setting but raising the standards in health and wellness. To explore further, click on some of the logos below to get acquainted with the clinics..


We have multiple locations throughout California.

Looking for a Surgery Center on a Lien Basis?

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Introducing our New Medical Providers

Meet the latest additions to our dynamic medical community. Each of these professionals brings unique expertise, deep compassion, and a commitment to excellence. Discover how these fresh perspectives are enhancing our capacity to deliver exceptional healthcare and usher in innovative treatment approaches. To explore further, click on some of the logos below to get acquainted with the clinics.


Testimonials from our Personal Injury Network

We are honored to market and advertise a network of the most prestigious doctors and medical services. We deeply value the partnerships we've built with both the medical community and attorneys who've entrusted their clients' care to the Injury Institute's doctors. Read firsthand testimonials from the personal injury community in california who have experienced our exemplary services and witnessed the transformative journeys of their clients towards wellness.

"Injury institue is so professional! They take care of the patients and the doctors so well! Our office Loves working with them as they take care or everything from A-Z. Everyone there is so helpful. "

Dr. Monica Hanna

"Love them! Our firm clg uses them and they're been really love them and they are fast and efficient!"

Kristine Padilla

"One of the best companies love you then."

Sayan Aboudi

"Injury Institute has been a vital source of referrals in the short time we have worked with them."

Edwin Asaf

"Our Chiro Office Has Had A Great Experience with this office , Great , Fast Service ! 👍🏻 "

Diana Garcia

"injury institute is always very helpful and communicative with our office !"

Lizbeth Martinez

"It has been great working with Injury, they have great customer service."

Jackie Garcia

"Amazing service our chiro office works with them they are a great team to work with !"

Nevaeh Gaona

"Great experience, I met the team and they do a fantastic job, everyone is charismatic and do what's best for everyone involved"

Brianna Sanchez

"We love working with Injury Institute! They provide professional services & bring great cases to our office in which we appreciate."

Alejandra Villalobos

"Injury institute has always provided an excellent experience. They are very good at communicating and keeping us updated on patient referrals."

Victoria Luna

"I’ve had such an amazing experience working with Injury Institute !! They are very organized/professional when sending new referrals."

Marcella Aldana

"I’ve had an amazing online experience with injury institute. They are always very attentive when responding on referrals. They give us the best customer service when inquiring on a case. They always provide us with all the information we need on a patient referral."

Meliz Rodriguez

"Great experience with injury institute. They are very fantastic at what they do and they very organized when they send new referrals to our office."

Marivel Hernandez

"Love working with injury institute!"

Joceline Rosas

"Love working with injury institute!"

Yvette Jimenez

"Injury institute is very detailed when emailing us new patients to our office."

Daniela Aldana

"Great company love working with them!"

Nancy Carrillo

"Great team, communicative and efficient, enjoy working with them."

Amanda Landin

"I am very proud to be associated with this company, been with them for more then a decade. Maria and the team are amazing."

Dr. Ziyad Alam

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Latest Articles

Stay informed with the latest insights from Injury Institute Medical Networks. From cutting-edge treatments to professional expertise in personal injury care, our articles offer an in-depth look into our mission and services in California.


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Have questions about our services or brain health in general? Explore our FAQ section where we answer some of the most common inquiries about Brain Mapping Solutions.

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