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Mojabe Chiropractic in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, led by Dr. Elizabeth Mojabe and Dr. M. Rockny Mojabe, offers personalized chiropractic solutions for a range of conditions. From acute pain relief to holistic wellness enhancement, the clinic provides a nurturing environment for recovery and health optimization. The dedicated staff at Mojabe Chiropractic Health Group are committed to fostering the well-being of their clients through a variety of treatments, including specialized care for back and neck pain, headaches, and injuries from auto accidents or the workplace. Their integrated approach combines acupuncture and massage therapy to support healing and restore function, ensuring a comprehensive path back to health for every patient.

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Auto Injury Recovery

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Mojabe Health Group

9555 Foothill Blvd. Suite A & B Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91830

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Our Southern and Northern CA doctors offer a very effective approach assuring the very best in medical care with personal, prompt attention.

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