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Currently, Dr. Bahreman’s main interest is medical legal neurology with a special focus on traumatic brain injury (TBI). He provides services as treating physician and expert witness in neurology for patients with brain or spinal injuries. His expertise has been used by plaintiff and defense attorneys in a variety of neurological cases including TBI, CRPS and peripheral nerve injuries. In 2017, he testified in a class action lawsuit against Bristol Myers and their drug Plavix. He currently performs and offers a variety of neurological studies that are commonly used in medical legal cases.

Core Offerings & Expertise

Electromyography and Nerve conduction study

Routine Electroencephalogram

Quantitative EEG with focus on traumatic brain injury

Eye Box ( videonystagmography)

Posturography and balance evaluation

Computerized online neuropsychological assessment

Neurological and Pain Institute

8851 Center Dr. Suite 608A La Mesa, CA 91942

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