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Dr. Tony Mork, M.D.

Chief Endoscopic Spinal Surgeon and Innovator

Dr. Tony Mork, M.D.

Dr. Tony Mork, a pioneering figure in endoscopic spinal surgery, boasts over 8,000 successful surgeries. A creator of innovative surgical tools and techniques, he focuses on precise diagnostics to deliver first-class care and optimal results. In his concierge practice, education and communication are paramount, ensuring patients reclaim a pain-free life.

Treatment Specialities

Endoscopic Spinal Surgery

Laser Spine Surgery

Spinal Diagnostic and Mapping Techniques


Advanced Studies in Endoscopic Spinal Surgery Techniques

Specialization in Laser Spine Surgery Tools Design

Fellowship in Spinal Diagnostics and Mapping

Awards & Achievements

National Instructor at Richard Wolf, the World's Leading Producer of Endoscopic Spine Equipment

Author and Co-author of 11 Peer-Reviewed Articles in Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Co-founder of Microspine

MISurgical - Mission Viejo

26921 Crown Valley Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 - Suite 120

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